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Automating Reading and Composing: Computerized Essay Grading

Automating Reading and Composing: Computerized Essay Grading

The last couple of weeks have seen plenty of conversation over computerized essay-grading. Some people admire its labor-saving possible (because whom actually likes grading a huge heap of student essays?) even though the louder audience contends that, among other items, a pc can’t read. We see this conversation included in a wider trend that extends back in the first days of the contemporary computer.

The Recent Conversation

An Essay? is a 30-minute Radio Boston episode about computer-graded essays and introduces the major sides of the issue to give an overview, Can a Computer Grade. Specialists Against Machine Scoring of Student Essays in High-Stakes Assessment and Professors Angry over Essays Marked by Computer represent, as their games suggest, the anti-computer grading faction. Through the latter:

The group’s petition against computerized grading states: ‘Let’s face the realities of automatic essay scoring.